Subtracting Integers Resource Pack

The Station Resource Pack includes everything you need to run a Subtracting Integers station, whether you have technology in the classroom or not.



What’s Included:

  1. A page with 10 links to online videos to put into your station
  2. 3 Subtracting Integers Worksheets (each are front and back, 81 questions, no trick question or word problems, just skill development)
  3. 3 Subtracting Integers ReTeach Worksheets
  4. 3 Subtracting Integers quizzes, 20 questions each, to be given at the end of the 3 day station
  5. The Student Tracking Excel Worksheet to have the students track their progress
  6. “I Can Subtract Integers” Pennant
  7. 2 Tutorial Videos –
    1. “How to Implement Learning Stations”
    2.  “How to Create a Learning Station” – full of tips to administer and create your own