Adding Integers Station Resource Pack

The Station Resource Pack includes everything you need to run an Adding Integers station, whether you have technology in the classroom or not.


What you’ll get:

  1. A page with 10 links to online videos to put into your station
  2. 3 Adding Integers Worksheets (each are front and back,81 questions, no trick question or word problems, just skill development)
  3. 3 Adding Integers ReTeach Worksheets (one using number lines and another modeling by drawing counter chips)
  4. 3 Adding Integers quizzes, 20 questions each, to be given at the end of the 3 day station
  5. The Student Tracking Excel Worksheet to have the students track their progress
  6. “I Can Add Integers” Pennant
  7. 2 Tutorial Videos –
    1. “How to Implement Learning Stations”
    2.  “How to Create a Learning Station” – full of tips to administer and create your own
  8. BONUS: If you have a Google Email, I will share the Google quiz to this email. It is 15 questions, and the students are not able to move to the next question until they get the first one correct. It also has links built in to tutorial videos that the students can watch after a missed question.