How to Create Learning Stations

When some students are struggling to grasp the material, and others are ready to progress, you can reach them all with Learning Stations. This 5 part series will help you create your own, plus a free tutorial video will show you how to get started.

Teaching Series




How to Create Remediation Stations

Suppose for a moment that you were teaching someone to ride a bicycle. After a week of teaching and practice, you gave that child a test and discovered that she could not stop well, had trouble balancing, and every time she turned to the left she fell down. What would you do? Would you try to reteach her these skills so that she could become proficient? Or would you progress her to the next skill by handing her a unicycle?

Teachers often feel stuck on how to proceed after teaching a unit, realizing that many in the class have not sufficiently grasped the material? Do you move on, leaving many behind? Or do you reteach, slowing many others down?

The answer is in Learning Stations, which allow the teacher to differentiate – reaching every student where they are, in a systematic and sufficient way.