Compiling the Station

At this moment in time, you have taken one math standard and broken it into all the prerequisite skills needed to accomplish this task.

For example: If the standard was solving two step equations with variables on each side, your list of prerequisite skills might look like:

  • Adding Integers -5 + 3
  • Subtracting Integers -8 – 17
  • Multiplying and Dividing Integers (-3) x (-6)
  • One Step Equations -4x = 20
  • Two Step Equations -2x – 8 = -14
  • Distributive Property -3(x + 2) = 21
  • Two Step Equations with Variables on both sides -2(x +1) = x – 4


Each of these 7 prerequisite skills would become a self-run station, lasting 3 days.

The station consists of 4 tasks that the student will complete in those 3 days.

Task 1) Watch a Video and take Notes

(if you don’t have technology, it should be Read the Textbook or Reteach Worksheet)

Task 2) Online Practice

Using,,, Google Forms, etc.

Task 3) Workbook Practice

Practice the skill in the textbook or a worksheet

Task 4) A Worksheet

To be completed at home if not finished in the 3 days

NOTE: Task 2 and 3 can be done in the opposite order but Task 1 is always first, and task 4 is always last.


Now that you’ve built the stations, the trick is directing the students through the stations, since each student may be in a different station at the same time.

So I recommend two things:

1) Create a spreadsheet that shows them their station and their tasks:

Station A: Adding Integers
TASK 1 Watch the Two videos (provide link)
Make Notes
Task 2 N.2 Adding Integers (70 points)
Task 3 Textbook, page 23 #s 1-19 (check odds in the back)
Task 4 Worksheet A1 (front and back)
QUIZ Adding Integers Quiz


I create one for each station and hand it out to them as they begin the station.

Note: it will actually have three cycles, in case they don’t pass the quiz, then they stay in the station but have different videos, workbook assignments, online assignments, and a different worksheet.

2) I put the list above online. If your school does not have a platform to host this information you can either create a class webpage OR create this outline in Google Classroom or as a Google Form.


One of the tricks to making your stations work is making sure your students have everything that they need to complete the station independently. So I set up a place for the station outlines, there’s a folder with the workbooks, and I have answer sheets in another place. The students know how to find these things and how to use them.

You should also print out the station titles and put them on the wall somewhere, so that you can track the students. That way, if they’re gone for an extended period of time, and they don’t remember what station they are in, all they have to do is look at the wall! (Plus, administrators love to see how you’re using data to drive instruction).

Another bonus is students will enjoy moving their name up the chart as they complete each station.

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