5 Things ALL Teachers Should Do this Summer


Teaching is hard. You need to recharge your battery. So travel, sleep in, vacation, eat out, do what you need to do to recover from the year you just completed.

The best teachers are constantly reflecting on what did and did not work. Now is a great time to focus on what was really effective, and develop that skill, strategy, or practice.

Next year, try something new!

….this summer, figure out what it will be.

For math teachers, you should look into Khan Academy’s tools for teachers. You may to want research Kahoot, plickers, Google Classroom, or quizzlet. I also recommend IXL.com.

The point is that you should be growing as a teacher, so spend some time this summer looking into the resources that can help you accomplish it.


Student’s love to see that they’re growing. So adding a chart of skills on the board, and letting students move their name tag up the chart as they master a skill adds excitement and motivation to their day (and yours). And administrators love to see data.


You never know when you’re going to have a great opportunity fall into your lap – or when you may suddenly be in need of seeking new employment. Now, while you’re not grading papers and writing lesson plans is a great time to do it. Set some time aside and create your resume as if you were applying for jobs today.

Have a great summer!


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  1. You have 5 great ideas here! I really like #4 and #5. Really two things we don’t often think about doing in the summer.

    I came across your site on reddit. It caught my attention because of a post I wrote on a similar subject. I write blog posts on another site and was wondering if you’d like to do a guest post swap?

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